Mobile Slot Android Games Currently Available 2020

Mobile gambling has improved at a much higher rate than any previous technology. Android games appear every year to reach new heights. It will only optimize over time with the release of the Android Nougat and Vulkan API. It will not be long until the mobile sees even more impressive titles than we currently have! The best Android games are now available without further delay! Fortnite is assuredly to be on this list. However, many people are fussy because Google Play doesn’t offer these games.

918Kiss Mobile Slots

If you have never heard about or played 918Kiss before, it’s essentially an agricultural simulator based on iPhone ios and android apk designed mobile game, allow your spin and win from the game as you wish. 918Kiss begins with the bet and spin the slot inside the game where you decide to possess the simple strategy to win it.

918Kiss independence given to the players to make the game your own makes ultra big win such a pleasure to enjoy. When you’re focused on spinning big, this game is about betting small and winning big. This is sure to scratch some mobile players as that kind of RPG’s are popular for mobile slot gamers— but there’s so much more to explore with the 918Kiss.


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Call of Duty: Mobile

The latest game in this list is the Call of Duty: Mobile. Before adding a game, we usually wait but Call of Duty: Mobile with a high rating is so popular that it was added faster than ever before. Both FPS and a 100-player royal fight have a normal FPS online PvP mode. The battle royal like PUBG Mobile is also regular FPS PvP like Critical ops or Modern Combat but in a rare category. There’s a lot to do, surprisingly. It is a free game, however, most in-game purchases are basically cosmetic items. It’s natural to have some bugs as it is relatively new. Over time, it will improve.

Price: Free to Play

Evoland 1 and 2

Image credit: Fanatical

Two of the most unique Android games are Evoland 1 and 2. Both of them use a range of game mechanics. This includes puzzles, RPG, top-down shooters, classic combatants, trading cards, and platformer mechanics These games pay tribute to the proverbial old gaming days. Each mechanical switch also changes the graphics to fit the game. This is truly an exceptional experience. Both games also offer support for hardware controllers, no shopping in-apps, no ads, and lots of stories to go through. These are certainly very good. The publisher, Playdigious, has also a cultural simulator, OK Golf, Teslagrad, and several more over average mobile games (and premium games).

Price: $0.99 and $7.99

Grid Autosport

Image credit: GamerBraves

Launched in 2019, GRID Autosport quickly became one of Android’s best racing games. The franchises Riptide GP and Aspalt are also quite good, but nearly every check mark is hit by GRID Autosport. It’s a premium game that doesn’t buy or advertise in an app. The game also boasts superb graphics, fantastic controls, the support of hardware controllers, tons of playable content, tons of cars and a number of racing styles. The game is a bit costly and there is no smaller stuff racing fanatics like, but otherwise it is one of the best competitive experiences in the Play Store.

Price: $9.99


MADFINGER GAME has been a mobile game success for a long time. Some of the most successful FPS titles such as the Shadowgun series (including the recent Shadowgun Legends), UNKILLED, and the Dead Trigger series are also available. The Shadowgun games are both campaigns and multiplayer-based Science Fiction shooters. Games such as UNKILLED and Dead Trigger are a Mission-style zombie shooter with lots of mission and stuff to do. These are the best examples of good mechanical and graphical FPS mobile games. Shadowgun: Legends could have been better is the latest game. But Shadowgun: War Games is now available for pre-registration.

Price: Free to Play


For people of all ages, Minecraft is a popular worldwide game. Minecraft puts you in a giant world for those who have never played, where you mine stuff, build, beat bad guys and do just about anything you want. There is a survival mode in which you have to mineralize your own resources and food together with a creative mode which gives you all. Tons of new content and opportunities have been added to frequent updates. The game is fairly equal to its rivals on PC and console. You will actually play with people on these sites on multiplayer servers. Nifty. There are in-app purchases, but usually only things like skin packs for personalization.

Price: $6.99 with in-app purchases

Monument Valley 1 and 2

Monument Valley comes back with the Monument Valley 2 on the list Both games are still very strong. In fact, both of them have mechanics and graphics virtually identical to the gameplay. The player adventures through puzzles in Escher-style where levels are mobile using illusions to complete the courses. The premise is still fun and the game remains as one of the best mobile games as the Monument Valley series continues to stand. The first one for the Forgotten Shores DLC sells for $3.99 with an optional $1.99 in-app purchase. The second game runs for $4.99 right now.

Price: $3.99 + $1.99 / $4.99

Nintendo Games

Image credit: Nintendo

Nintendo has a decent number and are all pretty decent and Android games. They have one Super Mario Run premium game. Some felt that the price was too high. It’s one of the best platformers on mobile, however, mechanically. Nintendo also has some freemiums choices, including Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: (Pocket Camp) simulator In September 2018, Nintendo launched Dragalia Lost and in 2019, Dr Mario World. Finally, Mario Kart is second to Call of Duty: Mobile, the largest mobile game ever. Nintendo’s games can be somewhat rough at the edges, but they are all very nice and enjoyable.

Price: Free / Freemium / Varies

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite

Upon its release PUBG Mobile hit the ground. It has more than ten million downloads and almost one million user reviews. Fortunately, it’s a very competent mobile FPS actually. It has simple, efficient controls and decent graphics, and a basic concept as well as a simple assumption. Basically, 100 individuals drop on an island from an aircraft and duke it until one is left remaining. The island is littered with clothing, weapons and vehicles together with a mechanic who lowers the playing area for too long. Recent updates also added new modes of play, and an element of freemium.

Price: Free to Play


I love to find some unusual indie titles, which always get the promotion and recognition that they genuinely deserve from Google Play Store. In this category, Vectronom brings you a fascinating experience that combines level design with music to create a puzzle platform that you play with your ears as much as you do with your fingertips. Vectronom is a surreal experience, despite the flickering colours and electronic soundtrack built to mesmerize you while you’re playing. Each level will adjust the beat and the game will tell you how well the movement of your cube matches the rhythm. Earlier on Steam and for Nintendo Switch the game was announced, and while the game is certainly much better controlled with a D-pad keyboard or controller, there was no problem with the touch scrubbers and taps.

As clearly as the idea is here, the difficulty of the levels as you move through the game will challenge you. There are 31 levels currently available, each with its own theme, which introduces new traps to escape and master level mechanics. The indie developers behind the game hope to build the contents of the game by playing music from users and by designing new levels around the tracks.

Price: $9.99


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