The game has brought a new revolution in the gaming industry by providing an exhaustively creative and impressive experience that everyone could share almost everywhere. The game initiated the use of augmented reality in game design to make games more realistic and fun for all. You can consider augmented reality to be virtual reality’s younger sibling. It serves as a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds. And this is why It is also known as ‘mixed reality,’ The world today is infused with virtual elements such as Pokémon or Instagram/Tiktok Filters in the current world in AR simulations, creating an interactive experience.

Zombies, Run!
Six to Start, a British game developer, released Zombies, Run! in 2012. This AR game is indeed story-driven, with the player listening to stories about a zombie attack and becoming a proactive member. Players will be required to perform and fight against a zombie outbreak which means that the player has to collect precious objects for survival, assist others, and, of course, flee the zombies. The literal running is the game’s main point. Although it contains all of the effective resource-gathering components, its central emphasis is the user’s actual physical activity. It quickly became a well-known health and wellness application. The intriguing story, which contains audio logs, motivates the runner to become more involved in their physical health. What could be better than that? A game which is not only entertaining but also keeps you in shape. This game is unique among Niantic’s offerings as it is completely hands-free. Because it is predicated on physical effort, the game is designed to be played when the user is running.

Spirit Camera
With this next title in augmented reality games, make sure you’re playing in broad daylight. Spirit Camera places you in the role of a protagonist wielding a webcam (the Camera Obscura) that defeats ghosts, evoking visuals and great memories of the frightening Fatal Frame sequence of horror games. Spirit Camera is a portable hand-held Fatal Frame title for the Nintendo 3DS that was released in 2012.m We like this idea because haunting apparitions have seemed in our world and must be eradicated. If you are already terrified of spirits, this won’t help you overcome your fear. Instead, it fills up your surroundings with them. However, we believe that this was the game-changing move which the Fatal Frame sequence required. As entertaining as they had been, where can they go from here? By stepping into the real world, the possible scenarios became far more powerful and limitless. The Fatal Frame series keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Pokemon Go
Niantic, a San Francisco-based company, collaborated with Nintendo to create the popular AR game Pokémon GO, and the inevitable happened. The ability of Niantic and Nintendo to improve the game makes it more relevant than ever. The Pokémon world is extremely detailed, with over 800 distinctive Pokémon, opening up new avenues for businesses to hone their successful (and I emphasise, free) app. They, too, are constantly updated. Initially, it was actually finding low-level Pokémon in your neighbourhood, with cities and major civilizational hubs becoming the most desirable locations to capture rare Pokémon. This was the most awaited game that Pokémon fans all over the world had been waiting for: a game where you could catch Pokémon and use them to fight other users in real-world hotspots called gyms (usual places of interest or other places with high foot traffic). The game gained popularity on social media, and different community groups and pages were formed to promote and discuss the game.

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