Why Should you focus on test data management in 2023?

What is test data management?
Test data management is the process of organizing, creating, maintaining and managing data required for software quality testing methods. Provides quality control team with information, documentation and guidance developed during testing. All companies use datasheets to store their test data, so management teams can use them to conduct useful tests for future reference.

Benefits of Test Data Management
client satisfaction
The most important advantages of the TDM approach are excellent data quality and wide data coverage, which inevitably leads to customer satisfaction. Good quality data in the testing process allows for early detection of errors. Therefore, there are fewer manufacturing defects and the result is stable application and high quality. These benefits increase consumer confidence in the company.

effective data management
The TDM process is efficient because all test data is processed in the same area. A single data set can be used to provide data for many types of testing including functional, integration and performance testing. By efficiently managing test data, companies do not have to store large amounts of copies of test data. As a result, data management becomes less complex. Combined with the right release management tools, TDM can deliver amazing results for your IT organization.

cut down the money
Reusability of data sets reduces cost, one of the useful features of TDM. Central space is used to store redundant data for future use. Auditing can use archived data when redundant data is needed. Extend the scope of test data and traceability to help detect errors and reduce production maintenance costs.

data security
In most countries, companies are required to follow government regulations and compliance guidelines regarding user data. Data security and safety are very important to the TDM process, and data masking is also an important part.

Reduce stored data set copies
The same production data can be duplicated for use by other teams within the project. Redundant copies of the same data waste storage space. Storage capacity is carefully managed when using TDM because all teams use the same storage.

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