How drones been used around the world for tower inspection 2023

Did you know that drone use in various fields is worth an estimated $127 billion? Drones have entered various industries to automate operations by increasing efficiency. We can provide reliable drone services to companies in various fields such as agriculture, telecommunications, and base station inspection. Telecommunications companies that install and install network feeders are also turning to service drones for repairs and maintenance. But how can drones help these companies?

Drone and Base Station Inspection

A drone pilot flies a drone over a cell tower to check the situation. Telecommunications companies are using advanced technology, but have not fully migrated to satellite networks. Expensive or poorly adapted. Therefore, frequent maintenance of cell towers is important. Prior to conducting the drone survey, the company sent a technical team to the site to do some work. Of course, the tech team is competent and has all the tools, but climbing the base station to troubleshoot is risky. So let’s see how drone services can be useful for checking cell towers.

aerial image

The most common use of drone technology is aerial photography. Telecommunications companies require regular maintenance reports for their cell towers, including sharp images from different angles. You can see Flyguys as your drone partner for aerial imaging, LiDAR scanning, thermal inspection and drone videography. Cell tower inspections require multiple services, so it’s time to move from traditional inspections to drone technology. You should briefly describe what drone service you want to get the best results for. Like construction drones, cell tower inspection drones collect aerial data and return to base. Because there is no image processing, the team retrieves the data and processes it in the system. You may not understand what the data is saying.

Drone pilots and thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is another useful feature, especially for construction, telecommunications and agricultural drones. This feature requires a powerful thermal imaging camera mounted on the drone. Heat capacity identifies an object based on its heat. For example, during a search-and-rescue mission and the weather is bad, the pilot will fly the drone to the nearest possible location to search for heat traces of missing workers. The heat trace can identify the operator and plan the next action accordingly.

more accurate test

Drone services to inspect cell towers are budget-friendly and time-saving. For example, consider a technical team climbing a tower. When changing direction, the crew must move and change direction each time to adjust the safety device. On the other hand, drones fly directly to the scene and collect aerial data more accurately. Drones can also be sent closer to cell towers to spot small problems. Unlike manned cell towers, drones can continuously take photos and record video. Drones are therefore an economical and more accurate option for cell towers.

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